Welcome World




…to my VERY first blog post!

Yes, this is my very first blog post attached to my portfolio site (Risky? Probably, but how else are you going to get to know me?

I have read article after article about how to write a blog, finding your writing style, and so forth. I have come to the conclusion that readers will read what they are interested in. I’m not the least bit interested in let’s say…building aqua ducts, so I would definitely not read about it. That’s how I feel about blogs.

Finding my own writing style will mostly consist of me using my own personality and voice. I can be abrupt, loud, and should I dare say vulgar? Yes, and I will try my damn hardest to keep posts professional without losing my personality.

One kid is sick and is afraid she has Ebola, one is trying to find something (getting frustrated by the second), and one kid (terrible twos have turned into just a plan ol’ terrible toddler) is climbing the walls as if he just downed a Venti Triple Shot Hazelnut Latte (those are my favorite by the way if anyone wants to bring me some coffee).